Configure Answer Appearance in a Product Finder


As the visitor is going through a Product Finder, you are asking them questions and suggesting some answers. All the main setting of the questions are defined in the question bank, as described in the "Question Types and Answers" section of the Create and Modify Questions and Answers for a Product Finder.

Along with that, there is a number of appearance settings related thereto. These are general Product Finder settings, such as the ability to change the theme, color, and font settings and to add animations and transitions, as well as dedicated settings related specifically to the answers and behavior of the Product Finder after the customer has given an answer. The latter are described in this article: 

The "Answer Configuration" contains the following settings: 

1. Show disabled: Show or hide the options disabled by Progressive Filter 

2. Show images: Show or hide the images added to the  answer

3. Automatically move to the next questions: Define if the customer has to click the "Next" button or its equivalent after answering a single-option question

4. Change the URL: Define if a dedicated URL hall be created for each given answer

5. Scroll to top: Define if the Product Finder page shall be automatically scrolled to the top after an answer has been selected.

1. Show/Hide Disabled Answers

As the customer is going down the Product Finder flow, they answer different questions, and Product Finder 360 defines what types of mapped products correspond to their answers. 

For example, at the moment we know that the visitor is interested in off-road hybrid bikes and our next question is "What manufacturer do you prefer?". Initially, there are 5 manufacturers whose bikes we are selling. However, only three of them have some off-road hybrid bikes. Therefore, two other manufacturers obviously don't have any products that would match all of the customer's requirements.

This setting will define how such answers should be displayed:

  • The slider is on: Answers for which there is no option will be displayed but greyed-out

  • The slider is off: Answers for which there is no option will not be displayed


If by the time the visitor has reached this question, there is only one answer for which products can be mapped (as if in our example only one manufacturer had off-road hybrid bikes), the question will always be skipped.

Two manufacturers don't have products that match the previous answers.

"Show disabled" is on.

"Show disabled" is off


No answers will be greyed out or skipped unless the Progressive Filter has been enabled for the question.

2. Show and Hide Images

When creating and modifying questions for a Product Finder,  you can add images to answers. The "Show Images" toggle in the "Answer Configuration" section allows you to define whether they will be displayed in the Product Finder. 

Answer Images Enabled
Answer Images Disabled

If the question has been assigned some images and/or purpose, and the toggle is disabled, they will not be shown. However, they will appear, as soon as the toggle is enabled (once the changes have been applied).

3. Automatically Move to the Next Question 

With the "Automatically move to the next question" toggle enabled, the customers will be automatically redirected to the next questions, as soon as they've selected an answer to a single choice question. The navigation buttons will still be available so that the visitor can confirm multiple-choice answers and skip optional questions. This is just a little something to let your customers click less and thus, make the Product Finder more convenient for them.

"Automatically move to the next question" OFF


"Automatically move to the next question" ON

4. Enable Dynamic URL Change

If the "URL changes with answer selection" feature is enabled, the URL address of each next page of the Product Finder will contain information about answers to the previous questions. This way, a customer can save and share the URL of the current state of the Product Finder.

"URL changes with answer..." is on.

"URL changes with answer..." is off.

1. The customer answers some questions

2. The customer copies URL of the page

3. The customer pastes the URL to the browser

RESULT: The Product Finder opens at the same question, and previous answers are taken into account

1. The customer answers some questions

2. The customer copies URL of the page

3. The customer pastes the URL to the browser

RESULT: The page opens at the first questions

What it means in practice is that once someone has answered several questions and is recommended some products, they can copy the URL and send it to someone else, and that person will see the same recommendations (to the accuracy of the available product data).  The customer can also save the URL, and proceed with the digital Product Finder from the current point. 


This setting has to be enabled if you want to generate a link to lead the customer to a preset state of the Product Finder from an entry point (e.g. Banner or link) on the product website or any other marketing channel (e.g. newsletter, social media, etc).

5. Scroll to Top

If the setting has been enabled, the page will be automatically scrolled to the top after an answer has been selected. This is particularly convenient if "Automatically move to the next question" toggle has been enabled.