Product Finder 360 Event Tracking


Product Finder 360 keeps track of the server-side event, i.e. events related to the actions performed by users in Product Finder 360. Such events can be then sent to the URL provided in webhooks or integrated and processed by the analytic tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. 

The evens usually are stored on an AWS-hosted infrastructure not accessible via public API, and contain such details as time, type and parameters of action and information on what browser has been used, and they never contain any personal information that might have been used to identify a specific user. 




All the data collected by the event tracking is collected for statistical analysis of the trends and behavior, but not for tracking of a single identifiable user.

1. The List of Tracking Events

1.1 Product Finder Start

The Product Finder start event is triggered on the initial load of the Product Finder. 

A number of action details and browser metadata are collected and saved only in the "Product Finder start" event. 

1.2 Details Collected Only for the "Product Finder start" Event

1.3 Browser Metadata Collected for the "Product Finder start" Event

 The browser metadata is collected only for the "Product Finder start" event

2. Other User Action Related Events

2.1 Events Related to the Answers

There are events related to each type of answer selected by the customer in the Product Finder.  These are:

In the course of integration with the analytics tools, we can also track each unique answer, i.e. each time when the customer answers corresponding questions for the first time. 

2.3 Events Related to the Product Selection

As a Product Finder is used, Product Finder 360 will recommend the customer some products that meet their answers. The customer can click the recommended product and view its details or choose to compare several products. The following events related to it can be tracked:

2.4 Events Related to Actions on the Product Finder

Along with the Product Finder start, the customers can perform other actions related to the Product Finder. 

3. Details Stored for All of the Events

Along with the parameters tracked only for the "Product Finder_start" event, there are some others, that are tracked for all of the above-mentioned events

Further Usage

This data can be retrieved as raw data with a webhook setting of the user profile or used for integration with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. 

Such integration would require the participation of our support team.