Access and Edit Your Product Finder


Once you've set up your Product Finder it will be saved in Product Finder 360. All the following changes to the Product Finder will also be saved automatically. However, where you are going to upload or edit a product catalog, work on the conversation flow or perform any other actions to get your Product Finder up and running, you'll need to see the Product Finder itself. 

From this article you will learn:

1. Access Your Product Finder

You can always access the Product Finder editor from your Product Finder 360 dashboard. Click the "Editbutton, to return to the settings of your Product Finder. 

The Product Finder editor will appear. You can: 

2. Rename Your Product Finder

If you have used the Product Finder 360 template the Product Finder name will consist of the category, date and time it was created. If you have chosen to create your Product Finder from blank, it will be just the word "Product Finder", date and time of the Product Finder's creation.

To change the Product Finder's name:

1. Click the Product Finder's name.

2. Enter the new name and click somewhere on the screen.

3. Duplicate the Product Finder

Whether you want to use an existing Product Finder as the basis for a new one or to save its version before changes, it's a good idea to duplicate it. 

To duplicate a Product Finder: 

1. Click the menu icon to right from the 

2. Click "Duplicate"

3. Edit the name of the duplicated Product Finder. Otherwise, it will be the same name with the version number in brackets.


 The Product Finder and its settings will be copied.


This feature is particularly useful if you want to create several similar Product Finders for and A/B test.

4. Delete a Product Finder

To delete a Product Finder: 

1. Click the menu icon to right from the 

2. Click "Delete"

3. Confirm the deletion (click "Delete" in the confirmation message

 The Product Finder will be deleted.


You cannot delete a Product Finder if it's used in a running or scheduled A/B test. Stop the test or wait for its completion to delete the Product Finder.