Welcome to Product Finder 360

Briefly About Product Finder 360

Product Finder 360 is a smart and easy-to-integrate digital assistant that provides an engaging online shopping experience and guides your customers to the products they need.

To put it even simpler, instead of searching through your catalog, the customer enters into a digital conversation and, as a result, gets recommended exactly the product they are after. And our AI-algorithms analyze their choices and help you find more opportunities, boosting sales by times.

You decide how and where the conversation will be taking place. The idea is simple: you ask the customer about their needs and preferences and Product Finder 360 processes their answers to recommend the best-matching products from your catalog. Product Finder 360 gets smarter with every conversation and provides you with reports and statistics to boost your sales even more.

It's about reaching your customers on a more personal level, and providing them with an experience that doesn't feel forced or robotic.

Where to Start

You can start with learning a bit about the Anatomy of Product Finder 360, i.e. discovering what the main screens and sections are, or get straight to the initiation of the Product Finder.

You will find links to each and every step required to launch your Product Finder in the following guide: Create a Product Finder. Main Steps

Basic Flow Overview

  1. Define the basic settings of your Product Finder: Select the initial Product Finder settings such as the product finder name and language, general design, and a template that you can build upon to provide a shopping experience unique to your web store.

  2. Tell Product Finder 360 about your products: Upload your product catalog or set up an automated data feed to tell Product Finder 360 what it is you've got to offer your customers. Specify the attributes of your products that will let Product Finder 360 algorithms choose the best options compliant with the customers' answers.

  3. Create a conversation flow to have with your customers and map the products to their answers: Your site visitors need some guidance. Think what questions your best in-store sales assistant would ask your customers and what the most common answers would be. The question-answer logic both guides your customer in their shopping journey and teaches Product Finder 360 to find the right products in every step of the flow. 

  4. Customize the look and feel of your Product Finder: For example, you can define the color palette and fonts of a product finder, specify if recommended products should be displayed only at the last step or earlier, define the number of initially shown filters, etc.

  5. Customize the Product Recommendations page: At this stage, Product Finder 360 will already be able to process your customers' answers in order to define which products from your catalog should be recommended. This information will be displayed on the Recommendations Page. You can define the number of products, what details are displayed, their order and filtering rules.

  6. Publish and Integrate your Product Finder: To integrate your Product Finder on a webpage and present it to your customers, your finder has to be published first. If you go back to edit an already integrated (live) Product Finder, the changes will become visible to the customers only after you publish your finder again. 

How Do You Know If It Works? 

Product Finder 360 collects data on the performance of your finders and products and provides you with comprehensive reports and insights.