Define and Manage Default Localization Settings


Localization is a combination of the country and language defined for the Product Finder. You can define it when the Product Finder is created or edited.

Default Localization defines the country and language that will be used in the main Product Finder.

If you create different versions of your Product Finder for other countries and languages, the default localization will be used as the basis for the translations and updates, and whenever a localized Product Finder or any part of it is not available, the default ones will be used.

From this article you will learn how to:

1. Set Up Default Localization

As soon as you've clicked the "New Product Finder" button, you will be redirected to the first step of Product Finder creation - select the language and country of your Product Finder.

Click the arrow down to select from the list or start typing the name and select one of the options.

  • The "Country" will define the currency displayed in the Product Finder and

  • The "Language" will define the price formatting. 


You can use a language different from the stated, but we strongly recommend to define the correct language. Otherwise, you may experience some difficulties when adding new languages for your Product Finder.

2. Update Default Localization Settings

2.1 Access Localization Settings

To see the localization settings of your Product Finder:

  1. Go to the Product Finder editor (open the Dashboard and click the Edit icon).

  2. Click the Settings tab in the page header.

  3. Click the "Manage localisations" section.

2.2 Understand and Edit Default Localization Settings

In the emerged tab, you will see current localization settings (if no new localizations have been added, there will only be the default row). 

1. Language: The language used for the Product Finder. You can select another language from the dropdown (if permitted by your user settings).

2. Country:  The country used for the Product Finder. You can select another country from the dropdown (if permitted by your user settings).

3. Formatting: An example that illustrates the format of the currency used for the Product Finder. The format depends on the chosen language and the currency depends on the country.

4. Q&A content: You can download a text (.properties) files with the content of the question and answer flow (e.g. for further translation into other languages), standard texts, and product attributes displayed in the recommendations and comparison pages.

5.  Products: You can download a .csv file that contains information about all the products added to the default localization of your digital Product Finder.


You can change the default localization settings only as long as there are NO other localizations of your Product Finder. Please carefully check that the country and language selected for the default localization are correct BEFORE you start adding any new localizations.