Use Token to Connect Product Finder 360 and E-Commerce Platform Accounts


Tokens make for a very simple and convenient way to connect your e-commerce platform and your Product Finder 360 account. The functionality can be used at any moment and can be used by new users as well as for those already actively working with Product Finder 360. 

Basically, the use of token will let you update the product catalog directly from the e-commerce platform without additional automated feed settings. All you have to do is:

1. Get Your Token on Product Finder 360

1. Once signed in to Product Finder 360, click on "Settings" in the left corner of the screen and select the Account token option.

2. The token shall be generated automatically. Click the "Copy token" button on the right of the token field. 

The token will be copied to the buffer.


If you need to see the token, click the eye icon, to the left of the button.

If, for some reason, the token field is empty, click the "Generate token" button. 

2. Installing the token in Product Finder 360 Connect

Go to Product Finder 360 Connect on the e-commerce platform and on the "Sign in" screen, enter the token into the right field. Click "Sign in".

Once your token has been accepted, you’ll be redirected to the Home screen of Product Finder 360 Connect. From there you’ll be able to create your product feed or get back to Product Finder 360.

3. Use Product Finder 360 Connect

Once the token has been added, you can now easily move from your e-commerce platform to Product Finder 360 without having to sign in. 

Each screen of Product Finder 360 Connect is equipped with a “Go to Product Finder 360” button in the top right corner of the screen. Simply click this button and your Product Finder 360 account dashboard will automatically open in a new browser tab.