Configure Question Appearance in a Product Finder


As the visitor is going through a Product Finder, you are asking them questions. All the main settings related to the questions in the flow are defined in the question bank, as described in the Create and Modify Questions and Answers for a Product Finder.

Along with that, there is a number of appearance settings related thereto. These are general Product Finder settings, such as the ability to change the theme, color, and font settings and to add animations and transitions, as well as dedicated settings related specifically to the questions and described in this article. 

When creating and modifying questions for a Product Finder,  you can add questions and question purpose. The "Question Configuration" section allows you to define whether they will be displayed in the Product Finder. question configuration

1. Show/Hide Question Images

Go to the "Design" tab of the editor and select the "Appearance" tab.

In the emerged window, select "Question configuration" -> "Show images" slider.

For the sake of example, we've added a question image

Question Images Enabled
Question Images Disabled

2. Show/Hide Question Purpose

Question purpose can be used for internal needs, as a comment for other stakeholders working on a Product Finder. On the other hand, if you don't need such an internal note, you can make the question purpose visible for your customers. 

Please keep in mind, that when displayed to the customers, the question purpose should correspond to the company's brand policies and tone of voice. 

For the sake of example, we've added a purpose to the question.


Question Purpose Enabled

If the question has been assigned some images and/or purpose, and the toggle is disabled, they will not be shown. However, they will appear, as soon as the toggle is enabled (once the changes have been applied).