Save, Publish and Preview Your Product Finder


Once you have set up your Product Finder, provided Product Finder 360 with information about your products and created a conversation with your potential customer, that shall lead them to the needed goods, you are ready to have your Product Finder published.

From this article, you will learn:

1. Saving the Changes

Since the moment you've set up your Product Finder (doesn't matter if you've chosen to start from blank or it use our template) any changes in the Product Finder will be saved automatically. 

If for some reason (which is usually a problem with the Internet connection) the change couldn't be saved, there will appear a message at the bottom left corner of the screen.

There will also appear a red error message above the publish button with information about the failed saving of the newest changes. 

The messages may be different (e.g. this is an error message displayed at the "Product" screen), however, it is very important that you don't ignore them as the non-saved changes cannot be restored.


Should you see an error message stating that some changes cannot be saved, please stop updating the Product Finder and check your Internet connection. If you are sure that the problem is not on your side, please contact our support team at help@Product Finder

2. Preview the Product Finder

 It's a good practice to preview your Product Finder before publishing it. 

The Product Finder preview will act exactly as the actual Product Finder, which means you can get yourself at the customer's place and make sure that the language is nice and clear, the images are at the right place, the flow if as you want it to be. (If you are not sure what to check for, see the 28 Tips to Help You Build The Ultimate Product Finder article).

In order to preview the Product Finder, click the eye symbol on the menu bar.

To preview the Product Finder in the way it is available at the moment, click the "Preview current draft" option. This option is always available. 

If there have been saved some changes since the last time this Product Finder was published, you can select to preview the latest saved version ("Preview current draft") or the latest published one ("Last published").

The preview will appear in the new tab. 

3. Publish the Product Finder

Once you've published your Product Finder, you can integrate it into your site, and start making your customer's choice easier. 

To publish the Product Finder, click the "Publish" button on the menu bar.

If everything is OK, you will see the "No warnings..." message.

You can also enter your publishing notes, to help you distinguish this revision of the Product Finder in the Flow Insights: just enter the notes and they will be saved automatically.

Click the "Publish Product Finder" button at the top right corner.

3.1 Manage Errors and Warnings on Publishing

 If something hinders the publication of the Product Finder, you'll get a self-explanatory message. 

If resolving this issue requires your effort or decision, there will be a check-box, which you can enable after the issue has been eliminated. Only after that, the "Publish Product Finder" button at the top right corner will become active. 

Click the "view" link below the message, to see its details.

Click the "show question" to see the relevant question's preview

3.1.1 Possible Warnings and Reasons

These are some of the most common warnings:

"You are about to publish copyrighted images"Some of the images used by your Product Finder are copyrighted by Product Finder 360.See the specific questions below. If you are sure that no copyright is broken by your Product Finder check the box by the confirmation and go on to publish the Product Finder
"This Product Finder uses at least one image that has already been deleted from the library. Publishing the Product Finder will make the image disappear from the new version."Once the Product Finder is published, new settings will override. If some images used in the Product Finder's questions or answers have been deleted from the library, they will not be displayed in the new version.Make sure that the deleted image(s) have been replaced or aren't needed and go on to publish the Product Finder.
"Some of the attributes used to map products to the answers are missing. You might want to inspect those before publishing."Some of the attributes used to map answers in the Product Finder to the recommended products have been removed (for example, when a new product catalog has been updated).Update the product catalog or change the mapping rules.

"Some of products attributes in settings are missing."

Some of the product attributes used for settings (Progressive Filter or rules used to modify the product results displayed) have been removed (for example, when a new product catalog has been updated)

Update the product catalog or change the settings


4. Restore the Previous Version

All your changes are automatically saved in the Product Finder but are not published automatically. If you decide to abort all the changes, you can always restore the previously published version. 

Click the Revisions link at the bottom right of the page right. It appears as All saved at first but when you hover your mouse over it will change to revision button

Click "Restore published version". All the changes made after the last publication will be discarded.


Be careful with this action as there will be no way to automatically restore the changes that have been in the draft.

 Now you can