Integrate the Product Finder to Your Webpage


Once your Product Finder is ready and published, you can integrate it into the web page of your choice. This requires three simple steps:

  1. Create an integration page for the Product Finder

  2. Add the integration code to this page

  3. Create one or several entry points

The three steps are described in general in this article, however, you can use our dedicated guides if you've got a shop on MagentoShopify, or Woocommerce.

1. Create an Integration Page For the Product Finder

For your customers to be able to see the Product Finder, you need to create a page within your marketplace where the Product Finder will be located. We call it the integration page. 

2. Paste the Integration Code to the Integration Page

Go to the Integration section on the left-side panel and click the "Show integration code" button.

Code will emerge:

It's better to paste the top part of the code with the script to the <head> section of your integration page. 

The single line of code (<div id="pf360-finder"></div>) must be pasted in the <body> section of the integration page - wherever you want your product finder question flow to be displayed.

3. Create Entry Points

Now, as soon as someone has entered the integration page URL, they will see your Product Finder. However, your customers need to get there somehow. This is why your website should contain some links or "entry points" to the Product Finder. This can be a direct link, a banner, or any phrase or object on your website linked to the integration page. 

You can create one or several entry points that will direct your customers to the first question of your Product Finder or to a specific pre-set point in the Product Finder (e.g., as if your customer has already chosen a certain type of product or manufacturer). 

You can find more details and some nice examples of efficient entry point implementations in the dedicated article

4. Integrations with Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce

If you are using one of these platforms, check out our detailed integration guides for:

We also recommend taking a look at the Integration Best Practices article where you will find some useful tips to attract more customers to your product finder.