Use Flow Insights to Check Efficiency of the Product Finder


While Overview Reports give you a more common understanding of the Product Finder's performance, flow insights are a tool with which you can truly drill-down into the flow. 

1. See Your Flow Insights

To get to the flow insights tab:

  • Select the digital Product Finder on the dashboard and click the Edit button. 

  • Click the Insights tab

If there is enough data for meaningful insights, you will see the latest published version of the digital Product Finder and a brief view of insights for each step.

If the digital Product Finder wasn't used since the moment it has been updated and published, there might be too little data to provide you with insights. In this case, you will see the "No data yet collected" message.

  If available, you can click the "Show previous revision with data" button.

2. Understand Your Flow Insights

Let's take a closer look at several questions:

For each question in the flow, you will see:

  • The question and answers to it

  • Average time spent by the visitors who have reached this question until their next action (in the example, it's 2 and 2 seconds)

  • Click-out (displayed in orange): How many times a visitor, who has reached this question, went on to select a product 

  • Drop-outs (displayed in red): How many times a visitor, who has reached this question, closed the digital Product Finder right after and didn't come back to it from the same browser session.

You can also see the information in the Question view. Click the Question performance button in the top right corner of the screen.

Click a specific question, if you want to see it's details

 3. More Detailed Version of the Flow Insights (on demand)

Upon request, you can have enabled are a more informative version of the flow insights, that will show how the number of visitors was changing from question to question, and which answers they were choosing. Such a version may also come with AI-based conversation optimization suggestions (learn what questions and answers are more efficient and which hinder your customers from choosing a product).  

If it is used, the general flow will additionally show how the number of visitors has changed from a question to a question, and which answers they have chosen. 

This fuller version also provides a significantly deeper insight into the Questions. 

Click the Question performance button and select a specific question. 

Along with the question itself and the number of click-outs and drop-outs, you will also see:

  • Visitors: Number of visits at which this question was answered

  • Time spent on this question

  • Number of answers per each option 

4. Select the Revision

For a more comprehensive understanding of the flow, you can check the insights for different revisions of the same Product Finder.

In order to change a revision:

1. Hover over the Revisions button at the top of the screen 

Click the button. ASSISTANT REVISION drop-down will appear next to the report name

Now you can click the drop-down arrow and select the revision you'd like to drill into. If any not has been created when publishing the revision, it will be displayed once you hover over the information button.