Edit Your Product Catalog


The product catalog makes a vital part of any Zoovy Product Finder. This is from where Product Finder 360 will take information to suggest your prospects with products that match their needs best.

If you have used the Product Finder 360 template to create a draft digital Product Finder, the initial product data will be uploaded automatically. It will contain all the attributes that are used in the template flow.If you have chosen to create your Product Finder from blank, the product collection will initially be empty.

 In both cases, you can edit the data collection from the UI or as a data file, both at the initial stage or at any other moment of the Product Finder's life.


Editing a product catalog from the UI is more convenient for making smaller changes, adding attributes, working with details of individual products.

However, for mass edits, removing or editing multiple products or attributes, it's easier to edit the product catalog  as a data file

1. Edit Product Catalog From the UI

1.1 Access the Product Catalog

To see your current product catalog, go to the "Catalog" tab of the Product Finder's editor.

If the catalog is empty, Product Finder 360 will suggest you upload your product collection, however, you can proceed to the UI - click the "Edit" switch.

Empty product collection will appear, which contains nothing but headers of the tables for mandatory attributes. This doesn't affect the way you can edit the collection in the UI

If the catalog is not empty (you've used the sample template and/or have added some products to the collection), you'll be automatically redirected to the catalog.This is an example of a product collection generated for sample "Adult Bikes" template

1.2 Editor Mode

In order to start editing the product collection, switch from the Preview to the Editor mode (the switch is to the right from the Product Finder name).

1.3 Actions With Product Collection Available in the UI

You can:

 1.3.1 Edit Values of Existing Attributes

To change a value:

  • Double click the value that you want to change

  • Insert the new value. 

To save the changes, Publish the Product Finder

 1.3.2 Add an Attribute

If you feel that there are more attributes that can be used to help your customers choose the best option of the product, you can add them. To add an attribute:

1. Right-click on an empty area of the table header

2. Select Add attribute in the emerged menu

In the emerged form:

3. Define the attribute name

4. Select the attribute type from the drop-down menu

5. Enable the "Compute values based on other columns" switcher, if you want to add a computed attribute.

Finish with the attribute settings and click the Add new button in the bottom right corner.


 1.3.3 Edit an Attribute

As long as an attribute hasn't been used to map products to the answers provided by the prospect, and is not displayed in the recommendation and result pages, you can edit the attribute.

1. Right-click the attribute name in the table header

2. Select Edit attribute in the emerged menu

The "Edit attribute" window will emerge. It's very similar to the Add new attribute window, and you can change any of the settings defined. As you can see in the example, you cannot change a computed attribute into non-computed and back.


To save the changes, click the "Save" button

1.3.4 Delete an Attribute

You can delete an attribute if:

1. Right-click the attribute name in the table header

2. Select Delete attribute in the emerged menu

You can also use Transformations to update several fields in a similar manner (e.g. add or replace some words in the text values).

2. Edit Product Catalog as a Data File

2.1 Download a Sample Product Data File

If you have started your Product Finder from blank, we recommend you download the sample product data file:

1. Open the Products tab.

2. In the emerged window, select the "Download a sample product data file" link.

 The file contains all the mandatory fields and several sample additional fields. 

2.2 Download Current Product Catalog

You can also export the current product catalog as a data file. 

1. Click the "Download file" button on the right of the screen.

2. Save the file on your computer. 

2.3 Edit the File

Open the file in any data editor, e.g. notepad or Excel, and edit the file.

Save the file in .csv, .xls or .xlsx format. Now you can upload it back to the Product Finder. 


The product data is initially exported as a .csv file. If you want to edit it with Excel, please follow the correct procedure to open the file, as it may otherwise be corrupted.

3. Finalize the Update

Once you've updated the data, Publish the Product Finder.


Please keep in mind that changes implemented in other parts of the Product Finder will also be implemented. 

Next Steps

You can always come back and update information about your products or set up an automatic data update.

The next steps strongly depend on the type of Product Finder that you are creating, as described in the following articles: