Manage Appearance of the Recommendation Pages

1. Introduction

1.1. Fully Matching and Alternative Recommendations

While the user is answering questions and/or selecting options for the filters, Product Finder 360 algorithms are checking your product catalog to find the products that are most likely to satisfy your clients. The results of its work are displayed on the Recommendations page that can be displayed after each question and on the Results page. 

Each such page consists of two sections:

  • Fully Matching recommendations: The products that comply with all the requirements that the customer has specified

  • Alternative recommendations: The products that are likely to satisfy your customer, even though they don't comply with some of their requirements 

1.2. Questionnaire and Result Page

While the Results Page is displayed at the end, in the Product Finder you can also display recommendations after each question and even before the first question has been asked. Such recommendation pages are referred to as questionnaire pages.

1.3. Other Related Settings

Product Finder 360 provides for a significant number of settings related to Fully Matching and Alternative recommendations. 

  • First of all, you can update the look of the product tiles - elements that contain details of the recommended products.

    All the settings are described in the Modify Product Attributes Displayed article.

  • You can also define which product will be displayed in the Recommendation pages:

    • Product Mapping Rules define the dependency between the selected answers/options and attributes of the products in the product catalog, in other words, they tell Product Finder 360 which products to recommend to the customer.

    • Duplication Filter helps to limit the display of multiple matching products (e.g. two products that only differ in the color)

Additionally, you can Filter or Disable Alternative Products displayed in the Alternative Recommendations. This way, if some of the attributes selected by the customer are crucially important, the products that do not correspond to that choice are not displayed (even as an alternative).

You can define the order of the products on both Fully Matching and Alternative products using Product Finder 360 Sorting Tools.

2. Appearance Settings of the Recommendation Pages

Along with the above, you can define some more appearance settings of the recommendation pages in the Design → Appearance section, as described in the following sections of this article.

2.1. General Settings

The look of the Recommendation Pages will depend on the selected theme, font, and color, as described in the Change the Theme, Color, and Font Settings article.

2.2. Top Product Settings

When the customer goes through a Product Finder, it defines the products that match their needs and requirements. These products are ordered in compliance with the sorting tools applied. You can select to display the first n Fully matching products on the Questionnaire Pages and/or the Results Page. 

One top product selected

The Top Products can be enabled on both Questionnaire Pages and the Results Page. 

The text displayed for the top product may be configured with Standard Texts settings. 

The Top Products are always displayed one per row. 


If there are no best-matching products, no top products will be displayed.

2.3. Recommendation Settings

Recommendation settings are related to the lists of recommended products that are shown below the top products (if any). 

The following settings can be defined: 

  • Show initial recommendations: Defines if the Alternative products should be shown before the first question has been answered.

  • Numer of recommendation pages/number of products per questionnaire page/per results page. Define how many pages of recommendations can be displayed below each question (including the initial page if the previous toggle has been enabled). Product Finder 360 will first show Fully Matching products and Alternative Products.

  • Number of product per results row:  number of products in a row for both Fully Matching and Alternative products

For example:

  • The number of pages is set to 2

  • The number of products per page = 6

  •  The number of product per results row = 3

  • Number of Top Products = 1

Two pages with 6 products will show a total of 12 products + one top product. Let's say, there is a total of 9 fully matching products. This would mean, that 1 fully matching product will be shown as a Top Product. The next 8 fully matching products will be displayed in the Fully Matching Recommendations section. As one page is et to display only 6 products (and the Top ones) - six Fully Matching products will be displayed on the first page (three in a row), and the other 2 Fully Matching products will get the second page. One page is set to display 6 products. Therefore, 4 more products will be the Alternative ones (if any).

Page 1:  

  • Top product header

  • Top product 

  • Fully matching products header

  • Two rows of three fully matching products each

  • Page selector

Page 2:  

  • Fully matching products header

  • A row of two fully matching products (as there are no more left)

  • Alternative products header

  • A row of three alternative products

  • One more alternative product (to make the total number of product = 6)


You can define Top Product text, Fully Matching Products header, and Alternative Products header, as well as add subheaders to them in the Results subsection of "Standard Texts" settings.