Flow Editor


Flow is actually a set of questions that your customer is asked, the answers they can give and the way these answers affect recommendations of the products.

With the flow editor you can modify the conversation with your customers: change questions and answers, define the routes between them, specify what products will be recommended once a specific answer has been given, etc.

From this article you will learn:

1. Get to the Flow Editor

To get to the Flow editor, click any Product Finder in the Dashboard. The "Flow" tab will be opened automatically. If you've been using other tabs, it's always enough to click the "Flow" tab header.

2 Canvas

If you start from the blank, the editor will initially be empty. If you start from the template, there will already be some sample questions. The questions that are used by the Product Finder are placed on the canvas.

You can see:

  • Questions: At the top of each element on the canvas; written in bold.

  • Answer options: If there are several specific options to answer the question, they are displayed below the question.

  • Connections between the questions: The lines show how questions are interconnected.

    2.1 Actions on the Canvas

    You can use the canvas to:

    3. Question Bank

    To reach settings of a question and its answers, click the "Question bank" button in the top right corner and select the question you want to edit.

    If there is at least one question, you will see it's text. 

    Click the question to see more of its details and edit them


    3.1 Actions in the Question Bank

    You can use the question bank to: