Adjust the Way Product Attributes Are Displayed for Localized Product Recommendations


Every time we recommend something to a customer, they see some details of the recommended, alternative, or compared product. The way to define their default setting is described in Modify Product Attributes article.

When translating the Product Finder, you can also change the captions and units of these product attributes. However, some additional adjustments may be required after you've uploaded a localized product catalog.

Let's imagine that we've got a shop selling in Europe (default localization English/Ireland). At some point, we are expanding the shop to the US. There might be more differences, but we know that the US catalog:

  • Has other prices

  • Has different measurements (as they are provided in inches, not in centimeters)

The adjustments that you might need could include: 

  • Mapping of the main attributes

  • Different measurement units 

1. Change Mapping of the Mandatory Attributes

Mandatory attributes might be mapped to different columns in different catalogs. For example, if the same feed is used for all the catalogs of an Product Finder, there might be defined prices of the products for different countries, different (localized) names, offer URLs, SKUs, and even pictures.

For example, both default price and localization prices are saved in the catalog.

Initially, the price is mapped to the default "price" column. We need to remap it to "price_de"

In this case, you need to:

1. Open Product Finder/Design/Product Attributes

2. Switch to the desired localization


3. Select Product Attributes/Mandatory product attributes mapping.

4. Click the pencil icon to the right from the attribute. This is such an attribute that the column of the product catalog used to retain its values in the localized Product Finder is different from the column used in the default Product Finder.

5. In the emerged window, select the localized column and click "Apply"

2. Add Attributes to the Products Recommendations and Compare

If you've added additional non-mandatory values and want them to be displayed in the Product View tiles, you can simply add them to the "Design --> Product Attributes --> Used in Results" tab. 

But, if you want customers to see only the product attributes related to their country, you can use custom css to hide neutral values. This way only the attributes that have been used in the mapping rules of the answers chosen by the customer, will be displayed. 

To make such attributes visible you must add them to the mapping rules. For example, if you want to display a minors message, i.e. "Requires ID" in a specific country, you will have to add such an attribute and add a mapping rule with different values of this attribute to a question after which the attribute shall be displayed.  

3. Change the Measurement Units Used in Results and Compare 

One thing the requires additional attention is the measurement values.

For example, in the US catalog, the capacity is measure in ounces and in the catalog used for Germany - in milliliters.

 In order to do that

1. Open Product Finder/Design/Product Attributes

2. Switch to the desired localization


3. Select Product Attributes/Used in Results or Used in Compare

4. Click the triangular icon to the right from the attribute. 5. Click on the value and change the text


Next Steps

 If you haven't done that yet, you also need to check that all the rules used to map customers' answers to recommended products are correct

If this has been done, you can Integrate Localization Into Your Website